As he was visiting the Chartres Cathedral, his eyes fixed on the ceiling, the photographer Alain Kilar dreamt of turning into an angel who would fly under the vaults. The view was certainly extraordinary and the volumes breathtaking...

This vision of him has now become his profession, and his company Promenades Angéliques intends to reflect with enthusiasm and determination the harmony and splendour of the international cathedrals and historical monuments.

Approach and goals

Promenades Angéliques stimulates and widens the existing assortments of architectural pictures thanks to new aerial snapshots taken from the inside and the outside of the monuments concerned. Our innovative perspective renews and supplements each site's visuals for communication and offers its visitors classy, high-quality by-products which go off the beaten track.


Management, pictures, production, technical infrastructure: Alain Kilar

Pictures, communication, website, translation: Joëlle Richard

Inventory: Monique Goin

Website hosted by: Ecodev

Logo: Jardia Laigle