Pictures the public can't take

The unique high definition pictures we take thanks to our hanging yet stable system uncover groundbreaking angles and hidden treasures. Promenades Angéliques reveals the delicate brush strokes of unreachable stained-glass windows, the gilding of medieval keystones and dizzying plunges into the nave which the bygone builders only were able to see.

Inaccessible to everyone, the views we choose for our collection will supplement the ordinary souvenir pictures the visitors so much enjoy taking, and delight the art and history lovers while revealing forgotten details.

Working safely at height

Only a camera placed at the right level can faithfully convey the beauty of a stained-glass window whose actual shape and colours are often distorted to our eyes because of the low angle shot. Choosing the exact height and point of view means guaranteeing the novelty, genuineness and uniqueness of each image.

Thanks to its own lifting device, Promenades Angéliques takes aerial interior pictures without any scaffolding. The chosen techniques meet the necessary high safety standards when working above the public and around invaluable historical items.

Details of the services

Promenades Angéliques offers the following services to the interested monuments:


  • Research of appropriate locations and feasibility studies
  • Technical planning of the project
  • Collaboration, consultancy and choice of the subjects
  • Inside and outside shots, both in the air and on the ground
  • Postproduction and colorimetric control
  • Production monitoring, from the shots to the delivery